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om_project - project a distribution model using the openModeller framework  


     om_project [-] v --version | [ r --xml-req XML_REQUEST_FILE | o --model FILE [ t --template FILE ] [ f --format OUTPUT_TYPE ] ] m --dist-map FILE [ --log-level LEVEL ] [ --log-file FILE ] [ --prog-file FILE ] [ --stat-file FILE ]



om_project is a command line tool to project distribution models. The main input can be an XML file containing a projection request according to the ProjectionParameters element definition in (see also projection_request.xml in the openModeller examples directory). The second option can only be used in native projections, i.e., when the layers used in the projection are the same as the layers used in model creation. In this case it is possible to specify a serialized model file with an optional template file and an optional file format. Projection layers will be taken from the model creation layers stored in the serialized model. When no template file is specified, the first layer is taken as a template. Template layers determine the cell size and the spatial reference that will be used by the distribution map. Valid values for file format are:

GreyTiff = grey scale GeoTiff (0 <= cell value <= 255). (*.tif) GreyTiff100 = grey scale GeoTiff (0 <= cell value <= 199). (*.tif) FloatingTiff = floating point GeoTiff (cell value = probability of presence) (*.tif) GreyBMP = grey scale BMP. (*.bmp) FloatingHFA = Erdas Imagine Floating Point (cell value = probability of presence) NoData will be written as -1. (*.img) ByteHFA = Erdas Imagine Byte representation (0 <= cell value <= 100). NoData will be written as 101. Default format. (*.img)

The distribution map (raster file) generated by openModeller will be stored in another file specified as a parameter. To generate a distribution model, which is part of the projection parameters, use om_model.  


-v, --version
Display version info.
-r, --xml-req
File containing a projection request in XML.
-o, --model
Serialized model (native projection).
-t, --template
Template raster file (native projection).
-f, --format
Distribution map file format (native projection).
-m, --dist-map
File where the generated raster will be stored.
openModeller log level: debug, warn, info or error. Defaults to "info".
File to store log information.
File to store progress (-1=queued, -2=aborted, -3=cancelled, [0,100]=progress).
File to store projection statistics (in XML).

-c, --config-file Configuration file for openModeller (available since version 1.4).  


Renato De Giovanni <renato at cria dot org dot br>




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